Welcome to Iris
Asset Management,

A new equity investment firm founded by Juliette John.

Iris Asset Management Ltd. provides investment counsel services for Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) platforms, pooled funds and segregated institutional portfolios.

Led by Juliette John, CFA, Iris is backed by a well-respected investment professional with over 20 years of experience. Juliette has a solid reputation for consistently applying her investment philosophy and acting in the best interests of her clients.

Using a bottom-up investment style, Iris security selection is driven by a company's financial characteristics and is supported by comprehensive research.

Iris believes that an equity's dividend yield is of primary importance. Dividends can be in or out of fashion, however, they can be an excellent indicator of corporate health regardless of the market environment. A yield-oriented approach can protect investors from some of the volatility inherent in equity investing.

Iris' consistent, disciplined and patient investment approach can add value and play a role in helping your clients meet their financial objectives.